Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions people ask us about about the photographs we sell. If you have a question we haven't answered, please email us and we will get back to you.

Tell me about your camera and film.

The photograspher with his Rollei SL66 camera
 I use a medium format German made Rollei SL66 film single lens reflex camera.  I use the bellows and lens tilt to help me focus on things in the frame which are both near and far.  I use several different lenses depending on the situation.  I shoot Fujicolor 120 film, which gives me negatives that are two and a quarter inches on a side (6cm x 6cm).

Are the multiple part photos shot with one negative?

I usually shoot the multiple part photographs with multiple negatives, so I would make a 5-part photograph from 5 separate negatives. Doing this with multiple negatives allows me to print the photos fairly large without lossing detail and quality.   In order to do this, I must first level the tripod, then make sure that the camera is straight on the tripod.  Then I swivel the camera on the tripod to get the images I need.  I use square negatives so that I have some overlap of the images to make lining them up possible.  I used to print these in the darkroom and use the overlap of images to line up the subsequent images after printing the first one (often the middle image).  Now a days, though, I use a computerized photo merge program to stitch the images together, then sploit them apart to make the multiple part photos.  Because I stitch the photos together, I can also offer the photos as one part panoramic images.

What is the easiest way to hang multiple part photographs so they stay straight on the wall?

Keeping your artwork level and lined up can be a challenge, especially if it involves several frames hanging side by side (like a triptych). Each frame comes with a wire on the back for hanging (and these wires are adjustable). I find it much easier, though, to hang the photos on "security hanger" brackets screwed to the wall, two to a frame. I make sure that the brackets are all even and level, and the frames will hang perfectly. If you allow a little space, you can even adjust the spacing between the images whenever you wish.

Triptych hangers Triptych hanger detail

When I hang the multiple part photographs, I usually leave a space between them of about a quarter to half an inch. This would preserve the spacing I allowed when I printed the images. However, You may hang with any spacing you wish. Some people even put the pieces on different walls. If you like, I can mat and frame them as individual photos.

Suggested hanger placement for 26 by 55 inch triptych

<--- 13in 18in 17in 23in --->
<-- 6" -->
<--- 12in 16in 20in --->
<-- 6" -->
<--- 13in 18in 17in 23in --->

These measurements will allow for the frames to be positioned anywhere from touching one another to about 2 inches apart. If you wish for the frames to be further apart, the two outside hangers on each side need to be moved out from center the appropriate amount. If you live within 30 minutes of downtown Portland, we can deliver and install the multiple part photos for you for the same charge as shipping.

You can check out our selection of triptych photographs on out "Triptych Page". We also have five part sets on our "Five Part Page".

What kind of process is used to produce these pictures?

These are photographs printed from negatives. I shoot with a medium format Rollei SL66 camera, then scan the negatives and print with an inkjet printer or laser printer.