Portland Saturday Sabbatical

We've decided to take a sabbatical from the Portland Saturday Market
next year. Right now, we plan to finish our year at the Market starting
from the weekend after Thanksgiving through December 18th. Four
weekends. Please come visit us.

Large Matted Photograph: "Silent Elder"

Large matted photograph: Silent Elder matted
 Here I am playing Vanna, showing off the 26" by 55" matted photograph shortly before we shipped it out.

The clients saw the image at our booth at the Portland Saturday Market presented as a three part framed photograph. They asked if I could do it as a single 20" by 48" photo in a large mat.

Custom Canvas - Portland Panorama Triptych

Canvas of our Portland Panorama triptych
 We got a custom order for a canvas triptych of our "Portland Panorama - Christmas Evening"

Custom Canvas Triptych

Seven foot long canvas triptych photo of a pear orchard in Parkdale, Or
 A couple moving back to Oregon from California ordered a custom canvas triptych of a pear orchard in Parkdale at sunset with Mt Hood in the background.

Come to Folklife!!

Come see us this weekend at Northwest Folklife at the Seattle Center

New things to see at our booth

Paul showing off two new canvases
I have recently started creating canvases from our images. Here I'm standing with two new canvases, "Foxglove" and "Reaching for the Sky". We will be showing these at our booth at Northwest Folklife at the Seattle Center this weekend. Come and see us!

Gathering Hawthorne Blossoms

Went out to gather hawthorne blossoms with my friends Dave and Sarah and their daughter, Lily. It was great fun wandering about talking and discussing plants and nourishment. Hawthorne, a member of the rose family, has been used as a heart tonic for many years. While there are a couple native varieties, the most common one we see in the city is the European variety (crataegus monogyna) also called may or mayblossom. Inspiration for the name "Mayflower". 

New shopping cart

We've just activated a brand new shopping cart for Tweten Photography! Our old model was in table format and had very inflexible shipping options. With our new cart, you can still see all the options on a table, but now, for the table-phobes out there, it's possible to see only the options you want with a couple clicks. Here is an example page: "Mt Hood - October".

University District Street Fair - Last Year?

We're thinking that this will be our last year at the University District Street Fair in Seattle.

We will be there this year, May 19th and 20th

Portland Saturday Market

We'll miss the Market the weekend of October 27th and 28th, but we plan to be back next week!

Come see us!! - Still in space #233

Operating since 1974 the Portland Saturday Market is the largest continually operating outdoor arts and crafts market in the nation. Centered in Portland’s historic Old Town the Market is one of the most popular shopping destinations for local handcrafted goods.


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