How do you do the triptychs?

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Are the multiple part photos shot with one negative?

I usually shoot the multiple part photographs with multiple negatives, so I would make a 5-part photograph from 5 separate negatives. Doing this with multiple negatives allows me to print the photos fairly large without lossing detail and quality.   In order to do this, I must first level the tripod, then make sure that the camera is straight on the tripod.  Then I swivel the camera on the tripod to get the images I need.  I use square negatives so that I have some overlap of the images to make lining them up possible.  I used to print these in the darkroom and use the overlap of images to line up the subsequent images after printing the first one (often the middle image).  Now a days, though, I use a computerized photo merge program to stitch the images together, then sploit them apart to make the multiple part photos.  Because I stitch the photos together, I can also offer the photos as one part panoramic images.